Free Halloween Printable Masks

28 Sep

Today, my son and I decided to do a little bit of shopping for Halloween decorations for the yard. Since this year we have our own house and our own yard that we can decorate any way we want, we are going to have some fun! Of course, it’s going to have to wait until our lawn guy comes to mow the lawn again (hopefully tomorrow!) because we’ve got just the spot picked out for our graveyard scene. 🙂

Since Wyatt was a little impatient, I decided to hunt him up something that he could do today and we found these adorably spooky Printable Halloween Masks. So, I had him pick his favorite one and we got busy putting one together.

First we put it onto a paper plate and tied it on with yarn, but because Wyatt’s face isn’t flat (he does have a nose, lol) it wasn’t working out so well. So, I added another piece of string to the top to tie onto the ones in the back. Cute, but still not so hot comfort-wise. I could see his new mask being forgotten pretty quickly and Wyatt was looking a little disappointed. Printable Halloween Mask

So, we decided that adjustments had to be made.

I cut out the mask with the paper plate backing and taped it to a ruler! PERFECT!

Printable Halloween Masks

No more worries about having a squished nose and he is still having fun playing with it!

To make your own like this or to choose from any of the others:

Printable Halloween Masks

head on over to


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